Traveling to Disney?

Have your costume shipped directly to your Disney resort (Disney World or Disneyland) for pickup when you arrive. Your package will be waiting when you check in - then the magic begins! After she wears the costume and/or the agreed upon timeframe is through, just package it all back up in the original box and take down to the front desk for return to Your Fairy Godmother. Ask them to tape up the package and affix the prepaid return shipping label that will come with your order on the front. Ask them to put in their outgoing UPS shipment. That's it! No traveling with the costumes and no worrying about stuffing in your suitcase. Save the room for souvenirs! Please know that when having your rental order shipped to a Disney resort, you'll incur a $6 "package handling fee" that Disney charges all guests who have packages mailed to them.

Your Fairy Godmother doesn't just ship to Disney - we ship anywhere within the US for any special occasion that requires a bit of magic.

You aren't just renting a costume at Your Fairy Godmother - you are giving your child a magical experience! From the moment she receives the white box, sealed with the Your Fairy Godmother logo tape, she will know she is in for something special. When she opens the box not only will she find the amazing, couture costume of her choice but also a beautifully written letter for her tied up with a ribbon. The letter, from her personal "Fairy Godmother" will explain the whole rental process to her in a way she can easily understand.

It reads:

Dear Princess,

I've heard you have a special occasion which means a new dress for you, so put it on, twirl around, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

You are now a real princess but there is a rule or two - first of all, have courage and be kind, because that's what a real princess would do!

Secondly, after your time with this dress is through, it must be passed on to the next little girl who is waiting for her turn to be a princess too.

With lots of love and magic,

Your Fairy Godmother