Why should I rent?

With retail costs of between $200-800 for the costumes or gowns carried at Your Fairy Godmother, renting is an economical option to give your child a real princess experience without busting your budget. She'll get to live her princess dreams for her special occasion and you'll get some fabulous pictures of her in a handmade, designer gown. It's a win/win for everyone!


What designers do you carry?

Your Fairy Godmother strives to carry the most amazing and unique couture or hand crafted designs on the market today. New and interesting designs are added monthly to keep the inventory fresh and exciting. Your Fairy Godmother has an exclusive rental agreement with US based children's designer Alora Safari and you will find her designs for rent only at Your Fairy Godmother.


Can I purchase a costume or gown?

There are now TWO ways to experience the magic at Your Fairy Godmother! The rental option features the most high quality, luxe costumes and gowns on the market today. These options are not ones you'd throw in your child's dress up trunk - these are special occasion pieces made of the finest fabrics and finishes. You can view all rental options under the "RENT" tab on the main page. If you are interested in owning a piece of the magic, Your Fairy Godmother is now offering the option to purchase a dress that is designed and custom made just for Your Fairy Godmother. You will never find these special dresses anywhere else so rest assured that your child will stand out from the crowd no matter where she wears it! You can view all dresses for purchased under the "BUY" tab on the main page.


I'm going on a Disney cruise and need it longer than 8 days! Help!

No problem, just use the contact form to email me your specific dates and the time frame in which you'll need the costume or gown and I'll create a listing specific to your needs.


Can I just rent for a day?

Rental time frames start at 4 days and that is the minimum amount of time I offer. If you will only use the costume or gown for 1 day, just package back up and return after you use it.


I can't rent: My child is too messy! My child won't want to return the costume or gown!

As a mom myself, I understand there may be mess involved when your child is wearing the costume or gown at Disney. Mickey bars melt quickly and sometimes a mess happens. That's ok! My cleaner is able to get out nearly all food based stains. Just take all precautions you can while your child is wearing the costume or gown. I am much more concerned with Sharpies and pens (used for autographs at Disney) as these stains are much harder to remove. I know that your child will love any costume or gown that is rented from Your Fairy Godmother and may want to keep it - I don't blame them! Just know that your child will receive a letter from her "Fairy Godmother" in with your order that helps to explain the return process and ease they pain of returning a beautiful dress. Be sure to remind her that not all magic can last forever and the costumes or gowns have to be passed on to the next little girl awaiting her turn to become a princess too or the dress loses its "magic".


I need a dress tomorrow! How quickly can you ship?

Most people who rent from Your Fairy Godmother place their orders months in advance of their special occasion to ensure availability during their time frame. I'd be happy to accommodate a rush order if the item requested is available. 24-48 hours notice will need to be given for a last minute order. Use the contact form to email me immediately if you need it shipped quicker and I will try to accommodate if I can.


Do I need to clean the costume or gown after wearing?

No! Please don't bother cleaning the costumes or gowns after wearing as they are cleaned upon return to Your Fairy Godmother.