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  • Magical Photo Edit
  • Magical Photo Edit

Magical Photo Edit


This magical photo edit turns your child into the main character of their favorite fairytale! Here is how it works: 

1.) Choose the costume that your child loves best. Rent it for either a 4 or 8 day time period.

2.) Add on this "magical photo edit" at checkout.

3.) When your costume arrives, snap lots of pics of your child in the costume. Your iPhone works just fine - professional photos not required.

4.) Your Fairy Godmother will reach out with the information needed to submit your photos to make them magical.

5.) Voila! In no time you will be emailed a magical photo of your child in the costume you chose. This photo would make a wonderful gift for Grandparents or have it printed out and display it in your home or the child's bedroom. 

**Turnaround time for magical photos is approximately 3-4 weeks**